6 Best Headphones For CrossFit

Searching around for Months on end I finally came across a few Best Headphones for Crossfit training that You can utilize it serenely and with no perspiration. The issue that I confronted with numerous earphones while doing my preparation is that the majority of the earphones are not sweating safe, Poor sound quality and their battery goes on for 2-3 hours.

Yet, today I will share some Best Crossfit Headphones with you. The Products that I will suggest you are based on my personal experience!

ImageProduct NameRatingLink
Powerbeats Pro Wireless EarphonesPowerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones9.5Check on Amazon
Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds,Bose SoundSport Sweat-proof9.3Check on Amazon
AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction HeadphonesAfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless9.2Check on Amazon
Bose SoundSport FreeBose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds9.2Check on Amazon
Foren-Tek Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless EarbudsForen-Tek Bluetooth Earbuds9.1Check on Amazon
Otium Wireless Earbuds BluetoothOtium Wireless Deep Bass Earbuds9.1Check on Amazon

How To Choose The Best Headphones For Crossfit in 2021?

Best Headphones for Crossfit

Discovering Best Wireless Headphones for CrossFit in a sea of compromises.There are couple of things that you have to make it in your brain before purchasing any model.

  1. Durability of Headphones
  2. Battery Life
  3. Design and Comfort
  4. Sweat Resistant/Waterproof

TOP 6 Headphones For Crossfit 2021

Here We will jump into 6 Best earphones for CrossFit. Each Review will contain a rundown of Pros and Cons with a key advantage to every item so as to assist you with settling on a smooth and simple choice. In doing so you will effectively make sense of which item is most appropriate for you.

#1 Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Overall Rating – 9.5

Best Headphones for Crossfit

Durability – Powerbeats Pro Earphones are built for workouts and Crossfit Training. These headphones are on the top-position if we talk about the durability. You don’t need to worry about anything while using these earphones as zero wires hold you back and you can motivate yourself while listening to music.

Battery Life – Do you have Long hours of CrossFit training? Bring it on, Don’t worry about charging as it will easily run for up to 9 hours without any issue. Each Earbud has up to 9 hours of listening time.

With the charging case, you will enjoy more than 24 hours of playback. With the 5 minutes of charging you can use this earphone for up to 1.5 hours when the battery is low which is possible with Lightning to USB-A charging cable.

Design & Features –  Powerbeats Pro is one of the lightweight and most stable earbuds for working out and CrossFit sessions. The feature that makes it ideal for CrossFit is that it is sweatproof and water-resistant. Powerbeats will provide you secure-fit ear hooks with Eartips with four size options.

Moreover, you will have Hands-free controls via Siri on iOS Devices. You can press the volume-up button to increase the music volume and to decline a call long-press the b button.

The most loving feature in Powerbeats pro is that when you put the earphone in your ears the music will start playing automatically and pause when you take them out.

Sound Quality –  Powerbeats Pro actually Sounds like a pro. Powerbeats Delivers powerful and balanced sound with dynamic range and noise isolation for a premium listening experience. For the last many years Beats is always the first choice for music lovers to experience the tracks with more clarity.

In many cases, I found the problem of long-range connections with devices. With powerbeats pro, you will enjoy the more stable and faster wireless connection to your device.

Source: YouTube.com
  • Very stable ear-hook design for sports.
  • Good audio reproduction.
  • Good control scheme.
  • Lower IP rating than other sports headphones.

#2 Bose SoundSport Sweatproof Headphones

Overall Rating-9.3

Best headphones for crossfit

Durability – Bose SoundSport Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones are built to push you forward not to hold you back. The durability of these earphones is outstanding without any confusion.

You can use it for long training sessions, water or sweat will not impact these earphones is anyway. An earphone with fully loaded features and most dashing design which suits your personality.

Battery Life – Bose is a worldwide famous brand because of its outstanding inventions of earphones. These Bose SoundSport can run up to 5-6 hours per full charge that is more than enough for an individual training session.

These wireless earphones use rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery which takes around 2 hours to get fully charged. You will receive a USB charging cable to recharge your wireless earphone battery.

Design and Feature –  When you’re working out, you want your earbuds to stay in. That’s exactly what these do, with a level of comfort that keeps your focus solely on your workout. These earphones are designed in such a way that they won’t fall out of your ears while doing exercise or running.

The most useful One App-Complete Control. The Bose Connect app gives you easy access to everything your product has to offer. Get tips, unlock product features, and personalize your settings, so you can spend more time enjoying the music instead of setting it up.

Sound The sound of these wireless earphones is put in this world seriously. These earphones will give you an amazing music experience, to keep you focused on your training.

Your connection to the outer world will be no more available once these earphones are inside your ear canals. No doubt, Bose is always marked as one of the top-brand when we talk about the best sound experience.

  • A well-balanced sound profile.
  • Stable and comfortable fit.
  • Sturdy and durable build quality.
  • High latency with some devices

#3 AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Overall Rating – 9.1

Best Headphones for Crossfit

Durability  Aftershock earphones are specially built for games like running, cycling, and for individuals who need to hear everything around them. No wires No Bulk which makes this headphone the most durable earphone for sports.

You can use it in any condition these are specially built for rough and tough usage. Engineers designed these headphones with Titanium to ensure comfort and long term wear. Aftershock Air is one of the Lightweight and most durable edition launched by Aftershokz.

Battery Life  In terms of battery life of Aftershokz Air Earphone, it can run up to 6 hours which includes Music and calls from dual noise-canceling mics. I believe so this is above average battery life for such earphones.

I have gone through many of the user reviews they explained that it can easily work for 5-5.30 hours without any problem. So, with these earphones, you can listen to music during long Crossfit training hours.

Design and Feature  Engineers designed these earphones to fit your every move. These open-ear headphones feature wraparound titanium to give you a comfortable fit. People who use to wear as style icon then AfterShokz Trekz are the best headphones for Crossfit and exercise.

These earphones are Sweatproof and water-resistant. Inspired by athletes these headphones repel sweat, dust, and moisture to help you push any limit. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 which helps reliable connectivity and multi-device pairing. 

Sound Quality Aftershokz EQ Setting reduces the vibration on-the-go and gives the option to play music in bass boosted. They are not your ordinary earphones that send music inside your ears, however, they utilize bone conduction to send vibrations through the sanctuaries, so you feel the bass as opposed to hearing it, which is the reason they don’t quantify just as they really stable

  • A well-balanced sound profile.
  • Open design good for outdoor sports.
  • Stable and portable.
  • Bass and treble delivery vary significantly across users.

#4 Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

Overall Rating – 9.2

Best Headphones for Crossfit

Durability – Here is the tagline of Bose Soundsport “No Wires – No Stopping” which makes it most durable for Crossfit training and working out. The durability of any headphone ends when we think about the wires.

These earbuds have the most stable fit and one of the light-weight earbuds. It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete or a gym freak, it will give you 100% stability and keep you focused while doing exercise. For Pro Athletes, these are the best headphones for CrossFit and running.

Battery Life – With the one single charge, the earbuds play for up to five hours-long without any trouble. Once the battery is about to die then you can place them into their charging case to recover the battery and you can reuse them for 5 hours.

This charging case can charge earbuds 2 times and you can enjoy the music without any hesitation. A quick 15-minute charge will give you 45 minutes of battery.

Design & FeatureThe Bose Connect app provides easy access to all the features that a product offers. You just need to install the app and connect your earbuds with it – All done!!

If you are worried about losing an earbud just open connect app and enable Find My Bud Feature so you can easily find where your buds were last connected. The Design of Earbuds is originated in such a way that it will stay in place and comfortable while doing any activities.

Sound Quality Get clear, incredible sound from our first really remote in-ear earphones. At the point when it went to the tech inside these earbuds, Bose concentrated on each and every detail—from tuning the circuits for improved sound to tweaking the radio wire position for most extreme Bluetooth signal quality.

For sports like American Football, Crossfit, or gym workout it is the most reliable and ideal earbuds as it delivers an outstanding sound experience.

Source : Youtube.com
  • Comfortable and stable fit.
  • Lightweight, wireless design.
  • Well balanced and versatile sound profile.
  • Flaws in build quality.

#5 Foren-Tek Waterproof Sports Wireless Headphones

Overall Rating – 9.1

Best Headphones for Crossfit

Durability  Foren-Tek Bluetooth Earbuds, Waterproof Sports Wireless Headphones are one of the most loving earphones for Crossfit and working out users. These headphones got 10/10 Rating from the users who bought it.

They are one of the most durable and reliable earphones. Easy to set up and comfortable fit earphones. If you are looking for the most stable fit for your training sessions then this should be the one you should buy.

Battery Life  The earphones’ battery life is loved the most by users. With the charging time of 2 hours, you can easily listen to music and calls for up to 10 hours. (80% Volume) The standby time of these headphones is 40 hours.

Moreover, the company is also offering the charging case with these headphones which can easily charge earphones for 4 times fully. The capacity of the charging case battery is 2000 mAh.

Design and Feature –  The design of these earphones is compact, easy to store, and carry outside anywhere. These earphones are so comfortable that it will not even hurt inner canals even if you wear for a long time. IP65 waterproof, no afraid of sweating when you do the workout.

The most advanced features that attract more users towards them are Automatic fast matching. After pairing it to your device, it will automatically connect with a specific device without any effort. The wireless/Bluetooth range of these earphones from the connected device is 10 meters. (diameter)

Sound Quality– To be honest you need to sacrifice a little bit in terms of sound quality. They do not feel or look cheap but the sound is not as impressive as other earphone models.

The sound clarity is above average and the bass of these earphones is a little bit disturbing. At lower volume 80% it will give you a decent bass and pretty good sound quality.

  • Impressive battery life.
  • Open design good for outdoor sports.
  • A well-balanced sound profile.
  • Disappointing control scheme with touch-sensitive controls.

#6 Otium Wireless Headphones Deep Bass 3D

Overall Rating – 9.0

Best Headphones for Crossfit

Durability – Otium Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones are one of the hardcore and most durable headphones. The look of these earphones itself describes how rough and tough you can use them it will not impact them in any way.

These earphones are enlisted in the second last position but this never means they are not that reliable for Crossfit or other workout exercises.

Battery Life – Otium Wireless Earbuds can easily run for 3-4 hours with a single charge. You can enjoy the music during long Crossfit training sessions. Otium charging case can fully recharge these earbuds for 7-8 times, which in total becomes up to 30 hours of non-stop music.

Design and FeatureOtium Wireless Earbuds gives you the most stable and comfortable fit. It only weighs 3.9g causing zero pressure to the ear. These earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 technology which is the latest and most upgraded version.

Bluetooth 5.0 brings you super tws, fast connect, super easy pairing, and most stable wireless connection with your device. It also includes smart touch Control that is multi-functional such as play-pause, answer-hangup call, next-previous soundtracks, etc.

Sound Quality Stream music with CD-like sound quality with amazing bass and firm mid-highs through an extraordinary speaker driver. The programmed framework presents to you a problem-free encounter and you can enjoy the music without any hesitation. The bass at higher volume gives a little bit disturbance but works perfectly at the lower sound.

  • The case holds up to 8 charges.
  • A decently well-balanced sound profile.
  • Good passive noise isolation.
  • Poor single charge battery life.
  • Bad microphone.

Best Headphones for Crossfit [Buying Guide]

Durability  As we all know that in Crossfit training or in the gym we need to use earphones under different conditions. So the durability of every earphone is a must. Before buying any headphones for your Crossfit training you need to check whether they will work in the hardcore Crossfit sessions or not?

In the arena, you can throw your earphones in the bag or on the table when the adrenaline level is high. So it is normal if your earphones are not that strong then you can even lose your headphones every other week.

Battery Life  In many reviews and other case studies, the main problem I found is the battery life of wireless headphones. This is also a primary point that we need to look into. Many of the headphones including AirPods have very short battery life.

Most of the headphones die after 1-2 hours that is so poor. But the models I have shared in my article have a minimum battery life of about 5 hours and most of the headphones have portable charging cases. So you don’t need to worry anymore while choosing any headphones enlisted above the page.

Design and Features  As per my personal interaction whatever you wear describes your personality and choice. So a Good and comfortable design of earphones is a must while selecting any headphones.

In the gym or in the arena there are lots of people who notice you doing exercise and wearing a stylish headphone will overcome your personality.

Nowadays,  everyone wants the most updated and latest feature whether we talk about cars, cell phones, laptops, or headphones. The brands like Beats, Bose, and Aftershokz have introduced an app to control your earphone through that app.

It also includes the feature of “Find my Earphones” so that no one can steal your earbuds and if you placed it somewhere it will be easier for you as well to find them.

Sound   If you are spending money and still you won’t get an outstanding music experience then what’s the one of wasting money. The brands that I enlisted in this article are well-known for their sound quality and to give you the best music experience.

While doing exercise you need a bass boosted music that motivates you and pushes you forward. In simple words “A good Music Experience is equaled to a good training session”. Before selecting any model for your Crossfit training experience the sound clarity and standard.


Can you workout with wireless headphones?

Yes, you can do your workout, running, or any co-curricular activity while wearing wireless headphones. But there are some selected headphone models in which Bose, Beats, and aftershokz come in first priority.

Are headphones or earbuds better for CrossFit?

Wireless Earbuds are always a better option for Crossfit. Crossfit training includes hardcore exercises like jumping, skipping, and running, So earbuds remain most stable in such exercises.

What are the Best Headphones for Crossfit?

* Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones
Bose SoundSport Sweat-proof
* AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless
Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds
Foren-Tek Bluetooth Earbuds
Otium Wireless Deep Bass Earbuds


I appreciate your time and hope so that you got an idea about finding Best Headphones for Crossfit. In this article, you have gone through every compatible headphone with its pros and cons. You can check out more articles Related to headphones. IF you like our Article do leave your feedback down below in the Comment Box.


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