Best Budget Audiophile Headphones 2020

Audiophiles could never imagine a moment in their life without music in their ears. To feel the music in them they depend on the headphones that help to make it come true.

Not all headphones are suitable since everyone has their preferences some would love for bass while others were so focused on the vocals or else some would prefer noise-canceling headphones to immerse themselves entirely into the music.

Considering the current status of the market which is flooded with several types and kinds of headphones. It is tough for an audiophile to choose one amongst them.

So, if you are looking for one, we can help you with some of the best in the business. Go through the table below to see all the featured products and to check out their buying links.

Product ImageProduct NameBudgetButton
Best budget audiophile headphonesATH-m50x monitor headphonesBest Seller PickBuy on Amazon
 Best budget audiophile headphonesSennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional HeadphoneUnder Budget HeadphonesBuy on Amazon
HIFIMAN SUNDARA headphone - Best budget audiophile headphonesHIFIMAN SUNDARA headphoneUnder Budget HeadphonesBuy on Amazon
HIFIMAN Ananda over ear planar headphones - Best budget audiophile headphonesHIFIMAN Ananda over ear planar headphonesOver-Budget HeadphonesBuy on Amazon
Philips SHP9500 - Best budget audiophile headphonesPhilips SHP 9500 HeadphonesUnder-Budget HeadphonesBuy on Amazon
superlux hd 681 - best budget audiophile headphonesSuperlux HD 681 Dynamic Semi-Open Headphoneslow-Budget HeadphonesBuy on Amazon

Top 6 Best Budget Audiophile Headphones in 2020

We will try to provide you a detailed analysis of each headphone listed above in our table. Every headphone will be follow-up by its Pros and Cons. If you want to know more about the pricing and want to buy it you can check it from the Amazon Link given under every image. So, let’s begin with our analysis.

ATH-m50x monitor headphones – Best Seller Pick

 Best budget audiophile headphones

ATH-m50x monitor headphones from Audio Technica are designed for use in critical studio mixing and tracking as well as for DJ monitoring applications.  It features a 45-millimeter neodymium driver with copper cloud aluminum voice coils that provide an extended frequency response from 15 Hertz to 28 Kilohertz.

Its ear cups can be swiveled 90 degrees allowing for single-ear monitoring. Also, this headphone has a detachable single-sided cable system and a 3-meter coiled cable, a 3-meter straight cable, and a 1.2 straight cable.

On the other hand, it uses 90Degree swiveling earcups for easy one-ear monitoring and collapsible for space-saving portability. Furthermore, it is a professional-grade earpad and headband material delivers more durability and comfort.

  • Phenomenal set of headphones in such a price range.
  • Amazing headphones for all-day listening and most durable headphones.
  • Best Bluetooth headphone connectivity.
  • Good headphones, But not for Gaming or for professional gamers.

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone – Under Budget

 Best budget audiophile headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 specially produced acoustic silk was used to giving uniform attenuation over the whole area of each earcup. The light-weight Aluminium voice coils guarantee a remarkable transient response while the full range driver provides a frequency response of 10 Hertz to 39.5 Kilohertz.

Great care was taken to assure the headphones are suitable for their elliptical design which quickly adapts the shape of the ear. The HD 650 employs a 3-meter detachable cable formed from a highly conductive OFC copper with low handling noise and low structure-borne noise sensitivity.

The headphones can be utilized with high output mobile devices and shine with high-quality stationery hi-fi segments such as CD players.

This equipment ships with the detachable cord and 1/8 inch to quarter-inch adapter. With sound, these great, long concerts in the convenience of your home are a certainty.

It also sets the standard in luxury and comfort. Altogether, it is a genuine masterpiece that will satisfy even the fussiest of listeners. All in all, Sennheiser HD 650 is one of the best budget audiophile headphones in 2020.

  • The sounds and music of the guitars are wonderful, the clarity is amazing.
  • Best headphones ever under $500 in 2020.
  • Scales “up” with better amplification and source.
  • Bass response lacks definition as you would get from some planar magnetic headphones
  • These are fully open back headphones and provide no isolation from outside noise.

HIFIMAN SUNDARA headphone – Under Budget

 Best budget audiophile headphones

HIFIMAN SUNDARA headphone is made of proprietary light and high tensile material. Its ultrafine diaphragms produce a comprehensive frequency response of 6 Hertz to 75 Kilohertz with a fast-transient response low distortion levels and high dynamic range.

The hybrid headband design and gently beveled ear pads evenly distribute the headphone to wave around your head to provide a secure grip and a comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

It is equipped with low mass and ultrafine diaphragm that delivers low distortion level and high dynamic response plus the unibody yoke of this headphone attaches the frame to the ear cups making a seamless sweeping curve that is both elegant and functional.

However, the outer grilles provide the diaphragm with a sturdy protective barrier without coloring the sound. All in all, Hifiman Sundara headphones are one of the best budget audiophile headphones in 2020.

  • Top-notch headphones at an affordable price
  • One of the headphones with the best built and better sound quality.
  • Great Sound and can wear for Long music listening hours.
  • The low range is a little bit disappointing.

HIFIMAN Ananda over-ear planar headphones – Over Budget

HIFIMAN Ananda over ear planar headphones 1 - Best budget audiophile headphones

HIFIMAN Ananda over-ear planar headphones designed to communicate detailed dynamic frequency reproduction for audio files and music enthusiasts.

Alike it’s the open-back design and window shaped grilles reduce resonance and reflections thereby contributing to transparency. Also, the lightweight planar drivers feature thin responsive diaphragms to produce a comprehensive frequency response of 8 Hertz to 55 Kilohertz.

It has asymmetrical ear cups and provides a hybrid headband design that ensures comfortable wearing and balanced weight distribution. The 3.5-millimeter headphone cable is detachable for safe storage and transport and a quarter-inch adapter is included to allow compatible connectivity with audio interfaces and high-end headphone amps.

Moreover, the detachable 4.9-foot cable utilizes gold plated 3.5-millimeter connectors for maximum conductivity. These all features make it over-budget headphones for Audiophiles.

  • These headphones sound amazing.
  • It gives the best user experience.
  • Best bass, elevated vocals, smoothest highs, largest sound stage, best comfort, and believe it or not -the best value of the bunch
  • Not well suited to portable use
  • The sound will cut out if you press inward towards your neck on the input jacks.

Philips SHP 9500 Headphones – Under Budget Headphones

Philips SHP9500 2 - Best budget audiophile headphones

Philips SHP 9500 offers 50millimeter drivers that utilize high power neodymium magnets to reproduce all of your music’s dynamics and deliver well-balanced crisp bass, transparent mid-range, and natural high frequencies.

It has an acoustic open-back architecture that eliminates air pressure build-up behind the drivers giving the diaphragm greater freedom of movement. The ear shells offer precise and accurate sound.

Its audio signals are directly channeled into the ears creating a dynamic and authentic listening experience. Plus, it is fitted with a comfortable double layered headband cushion that is soft and breathable for listening hours on end.

With the help of deluxe breathable ear pads. This headphone improves breathability and it dissipates pressure and heat for longer wearing comfort. So, Philips SHP 9500 is one of the best budget audiophile headphones.

  • Low cost headphones with nice build quality
  • Give an excellent sound.
  • Design is pretty cool, open-back comfort plus breathable pads and replaceable cord
  • Non-replaceable ear pads.
  • somewhat uneven treble response.

Superlux HD 681 Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones – Low budget Headphones

superlux hd 681 2 - best budget audiophile headphones

SUPER LUX HD 681 combines premium-quality audio components with an ergonomic design to offer accurate and detailed sound in a lightweight and comfortable package.

It features around the ear, ear cups that provide sound isolation from outside noise, and help eliminate headphone bleed when recording in the studio. Its semi-open design delivers a natural sound while still offering bass response and minimal sound leakage.

Plus the 250-millimeter neodymium drivers provide a rich balanced sound with high resolution wide dynamic range and excellent stereo imaging. This headphone is equipped with a self-adjusting headband and thick around the ear cushions which provide the listener with a great fit.

Furthermore, it comes with a protective storage pouch and a gold-plated quarter-inch adapter.  

The price of these headphones is so low that you can’t imagine such a nice and decent headphone at such a great price. On Amazon, the price of these headphones is just $35 and have 4 out of 5-star rating. 1599+ users have rated these headphones.

So, if you are looking for the best budget audiophile headphones in 2020, have a look at these headphones for more info on Amazon.

  • Budget Item. Big Sound. Impressive Sound Stage.
  • Jaw-dropping sound quality at a budget price.
  • Build quality is poor. (Plastic Material)

How to choose the best budget headphones for Audiophiles

Headphones are essential tools for every studio whether you have a full commercial building, must work silently in a home situation, or you’re working remotely in a coffee shop or hotel or even on an airplane.

They allow you to work anytime without disturbing others and in turn, they prevent others from disturbing you. Most importantly headphones allow you to focus on your audio without distraction from room noise or interference from the influence of room.

Acoustics headphones are used in three stages during an Audio Production.

First stage creation -Creation stage of a project might include tracking instruments with microphones recording direct doing sound design programming tracks and more in all these cases headphones allow you to isolate from other sounds in the room and focus on what you’re doing.

The second stage is editing – Using headphones for editing allows you to clearly hear all the details while isolating you from distracting sound in the room.

The third stage is Mixing – Headphones might be your primary monitoring solution while mixing or you might use them in combination with studio monitors as a second reference check and for detail listening without interference from room acoustics. Now you might use different types of headphones for these various applications.

Let’s take a look at the critical characteristics of headphones and how they might affect which set you choose for You.

Open back or Closed back headphones

The first thing to consider is whether you want an open back or closed-back headphones. Open backs don’t seal completely and therefore they don’t isolate you as well from the outside world.

Sound passes both in and out now higher-end headphones tend to be open back because they sound a bit more natural if you will. They also tend to be more comfortable for long listening sessions because they don’t feel as closed in it’ll seal so tightly around your ears closed-back headphones.

On the other hand, do seal completely from the outside noise and they seal in the sound from the headphones themselves but they also seal in heat and moisture which may not be desirable for long listening sessions.

Closed-back designs may also affect the accuracy of low frequencies so closed-back headphones work well for tracking in the studio. They isolate the musicians better from the sound in the room and they also prevent bleed from the headphones from getting into the microphones.

This is especially critical for vocalists and for players using low volume delicate instruments.

Open-back headphones on the other hand tend to work well for editing and mixing where you might spend hours with the phones on your head and you need accurate and transparent sound quality.

Now one additional note here whether you consider them headphones are not many studio musicians are now using in-ear monitors for tracking. This provides excellent isolation of course and also allows the musicians to have the same reliable reference sound in every situation both live on stage and in the studio.

Circumaural versus supra-aural

Our second characteristic to consider is circumaural versus supra-aural so circumaural headphones. Don’t rest on your ear there’s an ear cup that fits around your ear and that might be more comfortable for long sessions and they also tend to seal well for isolating you.

Super aural headphones on the other hand sit on your ear which may not be as comfortable for long listening sessions but they’re generally lighter though they don’t seal as well.


Some headphones feature higher impedances which work well when you need to daisy chain multiple sets off of a single amplifier. Others have lower impedances which give better results with smartphones laptops and mobile devices.

I mentioned comfort when we were talking about circumaural and super aural designs and don’t overlook comfort with your headphones they need to fit securely on your head without too much pressure you want them to stay in place but not be so tight that they’re uncomfortable for longer sessions.

You also want your headphones to be durable of course headphones can really take a beating when they’re being used for tracking musicians that get dropped kicked stepped on cables are pulled and so on.

Being able to easily replace parts in the field you can help them keep working long term for this reason many studios also have less expensive headphones that the musicians use when tracking.


We all want the best at the lowest price and as mentioned you’ll often go for less expensive phones if you’re equipping a studio for tracking with musicians, for personal use, when you’re mixing editing and even mastering. Sound quality and comfort often do improve as you go up in price but these days even modestly priced headphones sound great.


Are under budget Headphones Worth buying?

Yes, some Headphones like Superlux, Sennheiser, ATH MX50, and more are high quality under budget headphones for professional music lovers.

Should I buy earbuds or Headphones?

If you want to enjoy the superior sound quality then Headphones are far better than Earbuds. If you are looking for something for running, CrossFit or sweatproof then you must go for earbuds.


We hope after reading this article you will be able to choose the best budget audiophile headphones for you in 2020. If you have any questions or queries please leave a comment below we will try to provide the best suitable answer for it. If you like our work do share it with your friends on Social media network as well. The links are given below.


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